December 12 2015 Saturday at 07:28 PM

Lulubell Toy Bodega visits Real x Head!

Mori-san, better and more well known as Real x Head(or RxH), has been in the sofubi toy scene since the early 2000's. He has a very wide array of toys, ranging from his original fight figures, both in the 4" and 8" scale, to his artistic takes on traditional Japanese dolls and characters, such as the Daruma Doll, Kewpie and Maneki-Neko(Lucky Cat), as well as many, many more original creations. We were generously invited to his shop in Tokyo, where I was permitted to have an intimate glance at a wide variety of his works. I hope the images provided serve as much excitement for you all, as they did for me taking them! Enjoy!

- Robert

A collaboration between Real x Head and Paul Kaiju, the Jinx Man!

The Chaos and Mohawk Troopers!

Oni and Cyclops Dogs!

Collaboration between Real x Head and Atom Amaresura(Atom A.), the Sunshine!

Collaboration between Real x Head and Punk Drunkers!

Various RxH head sculpts, armed and ready for battle! Which is your favorite?!

Real x Head Shinto-san, displayed in its own special case. A favorite of Mori-san's, perhaps?

Collaborations between Real x Head and Atom A.(the Itchinesu) and Paul Kaiju(the Biterman)

Real x Head Fortune Cat! Always a fan favorite to bring about good luck!

Collaboration between Real x Head and Skull Toys(far left), with some familiar faces!

An assortment of blank, mini goodness, protected by a minty fresh Fortune Cat!

Pheyaos mini looks onward to visitors!


Shinto-san gang!

Artist drawn and personalized Daruma Doll and Kendama, RxH style!

Unfamiliar with these two Mutant Chaos! Can a RxH super fan provide answers???

Mori-san is well known for his and Goto-san's collaborative colorful paints!

Even with all the mutants and attitude, RxH still has time to collaborate some cuteness with Goccodo to create the Mutant Male Bear!

Mori-san does his best impression of his mini Oni-Head on the cover of a Japanese zine! 

Collaboration between Real x Head and Uamou(center black and white) to create Real Uamou!

Arigatou Gozaimasu, Mori-san!!! "Real Head Not Dead!!"