December 20 2015 Sunday at 02:51 PM

Lulubell Toy Bodega Visits Goto - San!!!

Those of you in the sofubi collecting game are very much familiar with Goto - San. He is an absolute household name when it comes to Japanese kaiju and sofubi toys. However, if you are unfamiliar, Goto - San has been airbrush painting toys since the 1960's, and is considered a godfather, if not legendary, to the craft by many. He has been previously asked just how many toys he's painted over the years of his illustrious career, and his response was along the lines of "over a million". It goes without saying just how respected and well known Goto - San is in the sofubi collecting community. It was beyond a privilege and an honor to not only meet this man, but to also have an inside look to a room that has housed so much phenomenal creative integrity and output. We would very much like to thank Mori - San(Real x Head) for having us along for his collaborative consultation meeting with Goto - San. So, without further adieu, please take a look at the small, yet incredibly impressive visit we were honored to have at Goto - San's studio. Enjoy!

A display of toys that is seen upon entry to the studio, all of which have been painted by Goto - San.

A Doraemon figure accompanies RxH on the studio shelves!

Much of Goto - San's displays consist of records of his own painted runs of toys!

Some of Goto - San's most frequently painted toys are Real x Head! Here, we see the Chaos Fly!

On the right, is the first official collaboration between Lulubell's own Grody Shogun and Real x Head! 

The official, and legendary, workspace of Goto - San.

Just three of many airbrush guns used in this studio. Can you imagine just how much paint these have sprayed???

Goto - San is widely known for using an array of bright and versatile colors in his paint apps!

Each tool has its purpose and its place!

"Do what you love, love what you do!"

Arigatou gozaimasu, Goto - San!!!