December 23 2015 Wednesday at 02:25 AM

Lulubell Toy Bodega Visits Shikaruna Koubo!

Miyazawa - San, head honcho of Shikaruna Koubo(Siccaluna for you diehard fans), is no stranger to the modern kaiju toy scene. Well versed in both sculpting and painting, Miyazawa - San's sofubi catalog has an extremely wide range of creations from original kaiju, to licensed, and more known characters. Fans on either side of the fence are very familiar with original favorites such as the Chiwos, Dorol, Dohatsu Oni, Gaizaru  or Bagun, but also know of his personal takes on longstanding Japanese characters like Tetsujin, Green Slime, Kappa and even Devilman. As mentioned previously, Miyazawa - San is also a phenomanl sculptor and has worked on figures like The Ultrus Bog for American artist Skinner, and the ever recent Nekomata Jijyo by Shirahama Toy, as well as many others. After the break, you'll find a small, yet effective look into the tightly packed studio/archive of Shikaruna Koubo. Enjoy!

- Robert

The ever familiar Zagoran! Large scale, guaranteed to dominate the display!

A gang of Dohatsu Oni, not at all to be trifled with!

The Green Slime! A representation of the famous 1968 Japanese monster of the same name!

Tetsujin 28, anyone? An original sculpt!

The Kappa stands guard alongside Miyazawa - San's most recent sofubi venture; a quartet of monsters! The Drifter, Violent Beast, Space Man and Ancient one!

Some original Shikaruna fan favorites!

All throughout is an amazing, museum - like structure!

Tetsujin is joined by Black Ox and Jinzou Ningen! Two Tetsujin down!

Dorol and Igaru take the high ground, while Tetsujin takes the low!

Everywhere you turn there's something new to catch your immediate attention!

Arigatou gozaimasu, Miyazawa - San!!!