June 05 2017 Monday at 10:21 PM

Craig Gleason x ISH Ghoul Release Party!

Saturday, May 27th, 2017 held the debut for Craig Gleason's Ghoul sofubi figure, produced by Lulubell Toys, and distributed by ISH. The event was fantastic, and housed many awesome offerings from pins, pint glasses, and toys, to prints, shirts and sticker packs! Justin and Jessica from ISH put in a great amount of effort in the setup, and Craig was incredibly accommodating to fans, offering free sketches on white tees (if you brought your own) or on blank backing boards! The gallery space was filled with fans, chatter and creative energy, and we certainly hope you get any and all of that from the photos to follow. Thank you to all attendees, Justin and Jessica, and to Craig and his club of bad guys (and gal) for collectively making the event a banger to remember! Last but not definately least, gratitude to Heather at Smitholater Custom Decorated Cookie Shop in Downtown Mesa for the perfect rendition of Ghoul in a delicious cookie form! Enjoy!


- Robert


Ghoul painting against the gallery wall, by local talent wizard, Dski One!

Lulubell exclusive Ghoul, pink and green mixed parts, in our signature colors!

Lava Ghoul, marbled black and red, masterfully poured and pulled by/at Shirahama Seikei in Japan!

Mixed parts Ghouls alongside and original framed Ghoul pen and ink by Craig!

Ghouls offered by ISH, in beautiful fluorescent pink and green, glow in the dark, and deep chocolate brown!

Ghoul cookies!!! Masterfully and deliciously baked by Heather over at Smith - O - Lator cookies in Downtown Mesa, resting inside of a Ghoul pint glass!

The very first, and original, interpretation of The Ghoul by Craig! Very awesome to see where this character first started! How he's developed and changed!

Original painting of a creepy cool fly dude by Craig! One of the baddest of the Bad Guys, perhaps?

Artist/fan interaction seemed to be the best part of the evening for everyone!

Craig asked fans to bring in white tees and offered to sketch his characters on them for fun! Such an awesome gesture! If you're diggin' that Gumby ring, be sure to check out Bridget Lang, as she's the talented hands who made it for Craig!

One of the many Ghoul pins offered to fans through ISH!

Twist the connector in back and the eyes light up! ISH is well known for detail and showmanship in their products!

Craig sketching one of the Bad Guys, the Moon Goon!

Many a fan came to meet and speak with Craig, for which he was more than happy to! Some even drove out from L.A.!

If so inclined, fans were able to snap a photo with a life size Cave Guard Ghoul!

Between lines to check out soft vinyl offerings, prints and to meet Craig, you could taste the body heat. Only the finest.

Happy fans!

Happy artist!

Mr and Mrs Ghoul!

Mr and Mrs ISH!

Together, they form Ghoul - ISH! Get it?! Ghoulish!!!

Thank you Craig, Bridget, Justin and Jessica, for choosing Lulubell as your venue for the release, and for giving fans a wonderful evening of beautiful art, creeps and smiles!