May 09 2018 Wednesday at 01:43 PM

Greed Tokyo

Discreetly tucked away in a small, off - to - the - side road in the streets of Shibuya, one of Tokyo's largest and well known shopping districts, lies Greed Tokyo: a streetwear shop with a knack for both cultural substance and modern style in underground aesthetics. The store itself is rather small, but that's far from a negative. So much clothing is available and packed in, like much of Japan's shops, that you're almost forced to take as much time as possible to look at every single thing your eyes pass, in detail. With clothing and accessory designs mostly based in hip hop and hardcore punk subculture, the shop's offerings are a plenty in various styles and fittings, with just as much attitude to match. Many designs around the shop, be it clothing, hats, posters or prints, you'll see the name Old X. That is a clothing line by artist END, who is a Japanese native that's been involved and immersed in much of the Japanese hardcore and punk world for years, often times lending his artistic skills to bands like Numb, Creepout, Doggy Hood$, Saigon Terror and Sand, as well as American hardcore bands like Strife, Murphy's Law, Gorilla Biscuits, and Suburban Scum. He also designs for his own clothing line of the same name, Old X. You'll also see clothing labeled with the moniker Down For Life, put together and run by Akira and Tome, of Doggy Hood$/Saigon Terror and Soul Vice, respectively both Japanese hardcore bands. DFL stays in line with the urban style of how their clothing is represented on its wearers, but also catering to the hardcore scene they’re both so involved in. These photos serve as a visual to the Japanese style in which they present not only their creative wares, but also themselves. Thank you to Karasuyama  and Akira for allowing me the time to take as many photos as I did, as well as the fun and insightful conversations!


-Robert aka Manic Images



Front door entrance and logo to the Greed Shop.

Famicom always on for those chill times with friends.

Greed snapbacks, keepin' you fresh and correct.

Entrance hallway when you first walk in. Heavily decorated with clothing and awesome shop keepsakes.

Saigon Terror!!! Longstanding Japanese hardcore punk!

Old X originally designed snapback.

Keepin' the roots of where their subculture is birthed from proudly displayed.

END himself, allowing me time and permission to photograph the shop.

Numb!!! Tokyo beatdown, "Runnin' this shit since '96!" Drawn by END!

Doggy Hood$, Tokyo Beast of Mosh!!!

Pins on top of pins on top of pins.

Variety and choice, for any and all cityscapes.

Kvlt Wear by Kriminal Design.

Smaller scaled shops, often offering extensive time to keep your eyes and interests busy.

Old X, Down For Life and Creepout merch. Bottom left is a Del Taco rip, that says DFL Taco. American influence, just as we Americans are influenced by Japanese culture!

Only 13.

Old X will come for your children.


Wallets, coin bags and miniature original art.

Down For Life boiz, embroided jacket.

Greed also houses and distributes for friends, like Ruler.

X gon' give it to ya.

100% Motha Fucker Only.

I stand burned, marked with this straight edge. I have branded into my flesh(or into my shoe).

Kriminal Venomous Lab, by Tome and Prince Jo$e.

DFL - Down For Life.

Tokyo Beatdown - "I show no mercy."

Original flash sheets decorate quite a bit of the walls in this shop.