March 04 2018 Sunday at 10:25 PM

The Painter's Show 3/3/2018

March 3rd, 2018, housed a very special show for those of us in the sofubi and soft vinyl world of collecting. Connell Little, aka @phuntsy, curated and brought to us The Painter's Show; a gallery of toys offered up by multiple and various artists, and painted in a customized fashion by multiple and various artists just the same. Dozens of submissions from dozens of artists, the gallery space here at Lulubell Toy Bodega radiated with creativity and artistic versatility, as well as hungry and excited fans and collectors, locally and even internationally. Take it not from my words, but rather from the images I was permitted to capture with Connell's blessing. Major, major thank you to all artists and patrons involved, and a HUGE extension of gratitude to Connell himself for dedicating so much time, effort and love into bringing us all such a fantastic show. More photos after the jump!!!


Nate the Milkman

Paul Kaiju

UhOh Toys

Kenth Toy Works



Trash Talk Toys

Evil Dave

Hello Pike

Dski One

Lion Chen


Blurble One


Akashik Records Toys

Secret Demon Services



Max Toy Co

Marvel Okinawa

Bwana Spoons

Jeremi Rimel

Candie Bolton


Special, SPECIAL thank you to our own Amy, of Lulubell Toy Bodega, for her massive amount of assistance and willingness to provide anything and everything to help ensure a wonderful experience for both Connell and attendees! Thank you, Amy, Connell, and all of our amazing supporters!!!